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Committed: Respecting Your Faith

Keys to Living is a unique practice. We are a group of licensed professionals who are committed to the Christian faith. Our approach to people and their problems is framed by the values

of Scripture and honed by many years of experience. For over 30 years we have helped thousands of people with a variety of problems... problems  similar to yours.

Competent: Offering Hope to You

Dedicated: To Walking with You


The journey of change is much easier when you are joined by an experienced therapist. Someone who has helped many people before you through similar issues. Each of our therapists is state licensed and has a Masters degree. But beyond academics each is personally gifted in working with people in need. That's one reason why we witness people growing, healing and reconciling. And that's one reason why we have real hope for you.



Change is more likely when people are met with acceptance, treated with respect, and offered grace. Our therapists are kind, accepting, and patient. Their central goal is to guide you through the process of change. Whatever your issues, we are here to help.

Begin your journey

to a better life through Christian Counseling

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